November 23, 2014
Winter 2013 - 2014

Low Risk Travel


 1. Eliminating and/or minimizing your exposure to avalanche terrain.

2. Never exposing more than one person at a time to potential avalanche danger
Check out what Dirk Collins and Todd Jones have to say in the video to the right.
On The Ascent:

Always choose the safest route which means staying on low angle ridges (photo to the right) or in stands of trees so dense they are difficult to travel through.

If you are ascending through dense trees be sure that there are not openings upslope of the trees where an avalanche could occur and run through the trees. 
    Always move from island of safety to island of safety and stay well spread out if you do choose to cross avalanche terrain.

    Never stop in or beneath an avalanche path.
    Safe ascent

    On The Descent:

    Always ski or board ONE AT A TIME.

    Ride from one safe spot to the next.

    Once you get in a safe your partner!!

    Low Risk Travel means you must Think Like An Avalanche.  When you Think Like An Avalanche you base your decisions on objective data like observations and stability tests that reflect whether a slope is liable to slide.  Never let your desire to ride a certain line blind you to what your gathered data and observations are telling you; don't deny reality.

    To Think Like An Avalanche:  

    • Watch for differing conditions whenever the aspect, elevation, or weather changes.
    • Be ready to change your plans when conditions flexible.
    • Make sure everyone in your group talks to each other and discusses what is going on.
    • Make sure your group and you can perform a fast and effective rescue...that means practicing BEFORE you go out!

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