Avalanche survival rates plummet after about 15 minutes for victims who do not die from trauma. 

Saving your partner is up to you! Practicing realistic scenarios beforehand is essential.


If your partner is caught in an avalanche: 

  • Remember the point last seen 
  • Assign a leader
  • Assess the risk of triggering another avalanche
  • Call for help
  • Transceiver(s) to search mode
  • Conduct a search
  • Perform 1st aid

Common mistakes: 

  • No leader
  • Inadequate initial visual search
  • Transceiver(s) not in search mode
  • No experience with rescue scenarios / transceiver use / pinpointing technique / shoveling strategy. Practice!

Take a class! Course providers can be found at http://avalanche.org/education.php

Transceiver Search Strategies

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    Images courtesy of AIARE



Images courtesy of AIARE

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